The Gaming Industry on Malta

Since becoming a republic some 40 years ago, the Maltese economy has expanding at an amazing rate for an island of just some 450,000 people. Much of this success has to be attributed to the Internet, more precisely, the gambling and gaming sectors of the internet.

Malta’s friendly gaming environment:

A big plus, when trying to attract foreign investment, is quality of life. Malta has it all, surrounded by the warm Mediterranean Sea, sunshine, safety, and a native population who speak English. Currently there are over 500 game makers working on the island, and over 20 games studios in full operation. That figure seems set to rise substantially over the next few years.

Malta Enterprise:

Malta Enterprise, the Island’s national development agency, has played a big part in attracting this outside investment. Using the skills learnt from attracting other developers; over 400 iGaming companies, information and communications technology companies, software production, and sections of the film making industry; editing, sound editing, and post production – have stood them in good stead.The next logical step was to attract the growing internet gaming industry.

Attractive Incentives for setting up on Malta:

Malta becoming a member state of the EU in 2004; has also played a large part in its success attracting outside investment. With its modern, competitive, tax regime, and off-shore banking facilities, Malta has become a big attraction for cross border enterprises such as the gaming industry.The enterprise agency works hard with local lawyers to blend local Maltese stakeholders with the foreign companies arriving on the island. Whether large, big business operations, small one man indie developers, or small indie studios, all are consulted, and provide feedback to the agency. All helping the other to improve aspects of attracting the gaming industry, a recent example being the Malta Digital Games Fund, set up by Malta Enterprise to support local digital games developers.

Get me a Lawyer:

With so much of Malta’s economy geared to the internet, the island’s lawyers are well placed to ensure new fledgling companies get all the help they are entitled to, while staying within the law.

  • Applications for funding.
  • Ensuring all national and international laws are adhered to.
  • Drafting EULA’s and terms of service.
  • Registering trademarks both nationally and internationally.
  • Copyright, and copyright infringements by chasing cyber squatters.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights for such things as platform names, game names, and software codes, among others.
  • Marketing and advertising contracts.

These are just a few of the services provided on a day to day basis by many of Malta’s top lawyers.If you are interested in learning more about setting up in Malta, Malta Enterprise makes a good starting place.